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Terraces & Gardens                                                                  

A collection of candles, wax empty spheres, squares of wood, terracotta bowls, metal lanterns and torches for all types of gardens and terraces.

Empty wax spheres that let the light filtered candle, creating a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. They are spectacular floating in pools and ponds.

Square wooden, bowls terracotta, metal lanterns, which act as points of light to signal paths and stairs in the garden or just to create a warmer atmosphere.

Scented candles in terracotta citronella wax 100% and has the ability to ward off mosquitoes with a gentle but effective aroma.

Terracotta and glass candles scented geranium, to ward off flies.

Party Lamp, functional and very practical, this type of candles are essential and events where lots of candles outdoor needed, not because the wind off. Inside, because of its transparency, the flames attracted by its warmth. Lighting 100% Citronella.

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