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Garden Ambients                                                                     

We have the first candle in the Spanish market with the most effective active ingredient to eliminate all kinds of mosquitoes, including the tiger. This collection combines white wax insecticide and perfume of jasmine, which gives off a very pleasant floral aroma. Product registered and certified.

Candles Garden Original and exclusive designs on terracotta to create modern and different spaces. 100% Citronella to enjoy the sunset and summer nights without mosquitoes.

Citronella candles in terracotta color and natural, manufactured in our country and made with citronella scented wax 100% to accompany rustic and natural environments.

Citronella candles Glass, lit candles with glass transparencies, make our space in an idyllic oasis of peace, and create this special atmosphere, the wind not off.

Citronella candles Wood, a natural element: wood straight shapes with colored wax scented ivory. For lovers always elegant simplicity.

Citronella candles Garden, without electricity, lanterns and torches lit only demarcating spaces. Lanterns on tables. It will be a success.

Supports and glasses for different environments.

Geranium candles with different shapes and sizes.

The Geraniol is an ingredient extracted from geranium oil and is a natural insect repellent. It has a pleasant smell for us, but deeply annoying flies, thus avoiding entering home. It is a natural and organic product that contains no insecticides or damage the ozone layer.

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