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Una vela para cada Ocasión

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For all your events and celebrations, we have a wide variety of Decorative Candles in different types of formats and sizes:
Empty wax spheres that let the light filtered candle, creating a very relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. They are spectacular floating in pools and ponds.

Floaters candles of different sizes and colors. Wax bowls in various sizes, shapes and colors for splendid combinations that decorate with warmth ideal environment to put any water with floaters candles and decorate with flowers or green twigs.

natural candles in different sizes for different combinations creating a warm environment.

Glasses of very elegant and decorative glass in different sizes and colors to match each other.

Square wooden bowls terracotta, metal lanterns, which act as points of light to signal paths and stairs in the garden or simply join us on long summer evenings.

natural elements of wood and wax, straight lines, color contrast ... the elegance of simplicity.

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